boris adolf photography

Stallikonerstrasse 81 8903 Birmensdorf-ZH
+41 76 595 71 77

Even as a child I was fascinated by the language of pictures, as I happily spent hours poring over my father’s newspaper archive, the texts of the articles disappearing before my eyes as mere sequences of drab blocks of lifeless black-and-white compared to the forceful expressiveness of the pictures that accompanied them.

Propelled by this delight in effectual pictures I roamed and rambled armed with my first photo-camera, taking youthful pleasure in capturing situations or staging tableaus. This pursuit became a passion, sharpening my sense of visual composition and cementing my feeling for the impact of photography and pictorial languages.

That I have been able to make my earlier hobby my later profession, and that I can apply what I have acquired and refined to commercial markets, is a privilege for me. I take a personal and a professional delight in the daily challenges of metamorphosing a simple product into a shooting star.

My uppermost aim is to fulfill client expectations, or to surpass them. Wishes and ideas require close attention and understanding, enabling me to always offer the client sure support with creative ideas and professional execution. Any project, whether large or small, can be a firework, a blast of light and energy

For me no effort is too great in order to create something brilliant!